Saturday, October 31, 2009


I have been superbusy with work this week, getting ready to travel next week. Plus, I had to make decisions about what paintings to enter in the local art prize contest. It was hard to make a decision on just one, so I have entered two (up to three entries per person were allowed). Rules are that they have to have been painted in the past year, and both of these have been.

I had to also decide the name for the lion painting, because I had not yet named it ! It is now titled The Guardian.

I am missing Spring Waratahs already. The new waratahs painting is there as a placekeeper, but it is a bit smaller (30 x 40 instead of 36 x 48...inches !). It does not fill the space as well. And it is not done yet. But after I work on it each day and it is dry, I prop it up in that space, because the wall looked lonely and sad without its colorful painting.

Ian helped me remove the wire hanger on the Spring Waratahs and put the contest spec "strong cord" on it and the lion. I filled out my entry forms and yesterday drove to submit them. There were already a lot of paintings and art work in the "holding" area. There was screening to make sure entries were compliant with all the rules. Mine were and I paid the entry fees and the paintings were whisked away and put in the holding area. There were big piles of entry forms I saw...and with 6 and half hours to go for submitting artwork in the contest, they may have had lots more entries. So perhaps it will be a big field.

There will be a selection for the artwork that will be in this exhibition. And the announcement of which ones make it is just an hour after my flight leaves next week ! So I will have to wait that whole long flight, until I reach LA and then need to see if I can find somewhere to check the outcome.

More tomorrow...I am painting today, but nothing all that fun. I am doing the walls above the bathroom tiles ! But it has come out nicely, and looks very good. Another thing to cross off the to do list.

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