Sunday, October 18, 2009

Happy Colors

Hope you are enjoying a lovely weekend. Mine is full of vivid color and thoughts of colors I will use for projects or just to have around to be delightful and pleasing to the eye.

From a fruit bowl on the table, lovely warm colors.

I have paints to organise. And I do find it easier to find things if they are at least put away in some nice order. So my boxes of paints have them as you see here, grouped by color. Though, when in use, they get quite mixed up on the worktable at times.
Palettes get ordered too, but I am far from pedantic about my palette having certain colors in certain places. I put the paint on next to other paints I know I will be mixing with that color, for ease of mixing. I try to keep dark and light colors on separate sides, to keep white clean and dark from muddying things up.

Here is a lovely scarf by Leanne of Rainbow Revolution. She makes awesome colored scarves, wraps, and more. She is doing a custom scarf in silk netting for me and I have ordered some rainbow striped socks too. Check out her etsy store to see more of her uplifting color work !

And here a project I am working on, a baby quilt. Stripes that will be done in a lovely rainbow like sequence !

As a child I kept my crayons in order of the rainbow, or other color progressions. I recently bought a box of 64 Crayolas, the first I have had in many years. An impulse buy for reminiscing perhaps ?! Was a bit disappointed to find the colors not in rainbow or color order as expected when I opened the box, they were scrambled around...and also some classics have been swapped out for new colors with snazu names like "awesome" (a neon red), "giving tree" (bright green), and "super happy" (a bright lemon yellow). It has been decades since I bought a box of Crayolas, and obviously much has happened since I sorted my blue violet and violet blue crayons just so ! As you can see, I put the crayons back in the box next to their color relative friends ! The crayons of my world are happy like this :)

What color makes you happy today ?

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