Monday, October 26, 2009


I did a bit on the greens of the waratah trio painting...and will be doing plenty more. But here is a preview of it, just getting stuck into adding a lot of green into the painting and also working mostly the shadows and background foliage today. Some of it will be a bit blurred, because it is pushed way back and out of focus. But it is a bit fun to do, though it still requires some thought about what marks will suggest the right depth, color and shape. Decisions, decisions !

And today is my daughter Katy's birthday, she has completed her first quarter century, here's to many more for her ! I baked a rum raisin cheesecake (from scratch, using a special recipe !) this weekend for her birthday cake. She was here last night and really loved the cake (she and Ian gave it a 10 out of 10 rating score, not bad...) We had a lovely dinner with her in early celebration. Tonight she is out with friends at the 'Flying Squirrel,' a popular tapas bar in the Bondi Beach area :)

Happy BDay Kat !

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