Saturday, April 9, 2011

The Wishlist Bike

Hi All, sorry to have been away so long. I am on a biz trip and started in China, where Blogger is impossible for me to get to. Since then have been SO busy working, including working all weekend last week. Since China I have been to Prague, Sofia, and now in the London area.

While traveling, after working...I have been making up some plans and also finding things to add to a personal wishlist (really--one must do something when indoors in the hotel, too tired to work anymore, and trying not want a chocolate bar or some other thing not best for one's health or weight). Here is one item I am watching. Contemplating. And have just added to my wish list.  I do already have a bike, a beach cruiser sort that is very pretty.    But it has less granular controls (fewer gears).  Ian has been telling me this should not matter (he has also offered to make me a lower than lowest gear for it, but I am not so sure...I like the wishlist item idea better !) The wishlist bike looks really good and has features that would be useful.  Like a rear rack, so I could get an awesome set of pannier bags and do the local supermarketing, which would be good for exercise points too.  And very green of me.  But then I would definitely need the wishlist bike, because there is quite a steep hill to ride up on the way back home from there.

Check out this link to see the wishlist bike.
World 21 Women's | Hybrid | Schwinn Bicycles

(I intend to keep it the cruiser bike after acquiring the wishlist bike, so there will be an extra friend-bike !  And when someone visits or comes over, we can take the bikes out, there are lovely bike trails nearby, to ride through and past vineyards).

More soon, from next port of call. Washington DC, for a(nother) very busy week of work.