Saturday, October 24, 2009


After what seemed like heaps of chores, I got to do some painting on the waratahs composition. Today I concentrated on reds. Permanent alizarin, cadmium red medium, and my favorite rose madder deep/ The rose madder is a red with some real oomph to it !

Today's task was to add definition to the main flower, the one on the left. The mddle one is in the background and I will not be doing much more detail on it. The one on the right is the secondary subject and it gets some detail. Most of that is pretty good already, I just worked on its lower petals. The top of that flower is in pretty good shape.

The main focus flower on the left needed quite a bit of work, and I spent an hour and a half on it easily. For the dark tones, I mixed alizarin with a bright green, and got a neutralised red. Later on I used a wash of raw umber and gloss medium to add more depth to areas of the flower.

Pretty happy with today's Reds Session. Tomorrow's session will be Greens.

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