Saturday, October 10, 2009


It has been raining lots here...Steady and every day for over a week, seems like forever. But we need the rain and so do inland areas, that should get more this coming week. Important and welcome. Meantime, our water tanks are full, the garden is well hydrated and the regular rain is hopefully adding to local reservoirs.

Yesterday after the rain, we got an awesome rainbow, the first I have seen in our back yard. I have seen some up the road here before, and even one with a set of reflections so complete that it was a "double" rainbow. But rarely is the rainbow in a place and time I can photograph it. This one was and I got a couple good pics of it !

And then, a totally serendipitous sight I saw ! I looked outside and saw a yellow balloon floating past our yard, passing right by where the rainbow had been. It looked as if it had happily escaped and was having a lovely flight. I almost missed snapping a pic of it, but got it before it disappeared from view as it continued its flight journey ;)

It's hard not to be optimistic and cheerful about seeing rainbows and wayward but happy looking balloons on journeys !

Today I have had to do errands. Tomorrow I paint !

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