Friday, October 23, 2009

Lion 2 Done !

Today brought very exciting progress...Lion #2 is done ! Yeay !!

Here is the lion and also his last palette. He is in the upstairs studio now, having gotten his glaze coat this evening, it will be dry by morning. I like glazing in the upstairs studio, because no pussy cats have regular access and it is nice and dry and still up there now.

I had a leave day today, so
got the lion done early. And so I did a little color study of some flowers I have for a commission I will be working on late November (earlier if I can). The flowers have all been photographed and a composition has been selected. But since I will be away most of November on business travel, I thought some color studies would be a good idea to do up, while I have the flowers still fresh here to study from life and in good light. They are yellow roses and dark blue delphiniums.

Here is a close up of the delphiniums, such a deep bright blue, with only a bit of violet in it. In this close up, the petals have little striations...I will be working on capturing a bit of those. The backs of the flowers have a long spikey shaped back petal that is deep blue violet and has a papery texture to it, very pretty.

I did a color study of both roses and delphiniums in acrylics, which is what will be used for the painting featuring them, though not much detail is shown in the roses. It was about getting the colors right, especially the vivid blues and yellows. I am happy with it, I have the right colors here, plus white will be added on petals that are in the light, etc. And I also did some more little paintings of the delphiniums in acrylics, to get the hang of how to create their petals in small swirling strokes of the paint brush and that show nice texture.

More on the weekend, when I really dig into the waratahs painting, maybe with some impasto !

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