Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Break in the Rain

The rains cleaned off the red dust from the creamy white flannel flowers blooming by the mailbox. I photographed them in the morning, when we got a sunny break between storms. Got some bonus shots of two visitors. A ladybird (ladybug if you are in America, they are the same, just referred to as Ladybirds in Australia). And a bee ! I was surprised to see the bee, usually they are on the lavenders, which are dotted all around the garden. But after the rain, the bees were visiting many of the garden flowers.

Above right is the rose bush I refer to as the garden champion. I got excellent photos of its roses in two successive days of photo shoots in various light and also with some props I found around the house, including one of the cherubs in the cute miniature cherub statue I have. It is perfectly sized to photograph with the small champion roses.

I did some work on finalizing the Paris Lion, His paw is almost right and his platform got more work and fine tuning. He got more rust here and there too. The background got some good work too and is about right. I darkened his back shoulder that falls in shadows and it came out well without undoing the nice warmer tones I had put in. He got more light painted on to his face and mane where the sun shines brightest. He is very close to ready. Maybe one or two very small fine tuning areas to address, then he will be done !

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