Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Patterns & Textures

Here are a few textures and patterns featuring in my latest photo imports. These are being captured for backgrounds, inspirations, and other influences for artistic work.

First some industrial textures and patterns. Turns out I have a rich local source for some of these images, in Ian's garage ! The very cool toothed gears are part of one of the lathes (the big one). And then there is some metal "junk," or so I thought. I was corrected on this one, it is a box of nuts. The shadows came out with lots of electric blues in them too.

A bright and airy pattern, in a cheerful yellow green citrusy hue. A bamboo and timber birdcage, that is starting to sneak into some photo shoots. It makes a nice backdrop prop, adding an interesting color.

Behind the old pocket watch dials is text from an old dictionary. Lovely font and makes an excellent backdrop for vintage photos.

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