Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Crossed off To Do List

I have been a bit slow on painting this week, because I have had other big item chores to get done, and before I go away on work travel. One was the painting of the bathroom and toilet room walls. And other was the baby quilt.

The walls were just needing painting above the resurfaced and bright white tiles. It took the weekend. Plus a few cameo bits of work by Ian, doing the tip top edges I could not reach. And I had to redo the window trims too, to be a freshened up bright white. A fiddly un-fun job, but happy to say it is all done and looking very nice.

And the baby quilt, which was pieced and assembled and simply needed machine quilting. Now done, and looking very nice.

I depart on a biz trip travel tomorrow...and next post will be from Reno or South Carolina, connectivity and other factors permitting. Work have me traveling the "wrong" direction round the world (that is eastwards) this trip...So much more lost time to transit, and worse cases of jetlag, that will be compounded as I move eastwards I am sure. Itinerary is US, London, Prague Beijing.

So nice to have sense of accomplishment from the big chores knocked off the list. By the time I return from this trip, there will be little time before the "silly" season sets in here !

More from the road !

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