Monday, November 30, 2009

Clock and Christmas Fair

I did not have much free time this trip due to a tight schedule, and also more transit time due to traveling eastwards. So I did not get as many photos as I ordinarily might. But I did have a free Saturday in Prague and got to look at a few things, courtesy of an colleague from the local office who took me out (Linda, thanks for showing me around !). And I enjoyed also a night time tour of the city all lit up from another colleague (Jaroslav, thanks for showing me and Jonathan the castle and city !). All in all this was a great opportunity, because the work I was there to do was done and so it was possible to enjoy the sights and relax a bit.

I saw a few things on Saturday out...the famous Astronomical Clock, which has a bit of a mysterious lore to it. It is built in the late 1400s from accounts and has had enhancements and repairs made between then and now. It has been restored and some animated figures are added, which move about when it chimes...the skeleton on the right of the main clock dial is very cute, pulling a bell ringer and there is a small gold metallic rooster that crows at top of the hour. To read more about it, check out

The face and dial of the clock is beautiful, with gorgeous blue and golden yellow coloration and shadings on it, depicting night and daylight hours. The link above gives more info also about the symbols shown on the dial.

While in Prague I also saw a Christmas Market. This one was one of the few open the day I was there, many others opened the following weekend. It was in Peace Square, outside a large cathedral. It was lovely to see the traditional wares sold in these markets and also some nice local snacks. We found a glass bead maker whose handmade murano style glass beads were very beautiful. I got a few of those and also some small holiday decorations depicting carp, which is traditionally eaten on Christmas.

The air was crisp at the end of the day, with a fall-like feel to it. As the light of the day got darker, the lights of a large Christmas Tree in Peace Square were lit up, making it feel like the holidays are truly around the corner !

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