Sunday, November 29, 2009

Gargoyle Lion

Returned from a brutal bit of jetlag after more than 24 hours of journey (plus transit) from China--I am relieved to be home. And way behind on posting to the blog and also painting ! First I have had to hit a couple walks of exhaustion, which really puts me out of commission, but is good in that I do rest. I think it is necessary for recovery.

As promised, here is the gargoyle lion. He is dark and a bit scary looking, with a great roaring shout emitting from his mouth ! But that is just his gargoyle style ! Check out his ribs (you may have to look carefully to see them) and also the bony joints of his feet and claws ! And nice curly mane, with dark of many years atmosphere he has taken in.

I think he is a bit moody a subject, given his environment and also his nature. Being the lone lion gargoyle in his area on St Vitus Cathedral of Prague (not sure if the other part of the cathedral had more ?), he has an important protector reputation and mission to uphold !

For a lighter bit of trivia, here I am on one of many bridges overlooking Prague and the lovely river running through the city.

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