Sunday, November 8, 2009

Go Fishing

I am now on business travel and have weathered and de-jetlagged over the weekend in Reno, and move onward tomorrow. I realised on arriving that I had forgotten a number of things. Very annoying, some of these are things I need. Like another set of contact lenses ! And also--the cable to download photos from my camera. How silly was it to forget those things ?!

So after today and until I return to Sydney on 27th November, my posts will have links and images from inspirations other than my photographs. Today though, my father kindly offered to take a few snaps and upload them to his computer, which I am using for composing this post. So a few photos today.

Reno is big for outdoors sports and also skiing, being very close to lovely area of Lake Tahoe. Fishing is popular here, on the Truckee River, which travels from Lake Tahoe to Pyramid Lake. I hear that Pyramid Lake is a big trout haven, home of "Big Cutthroat Trout" ! And today we had shopping errands and saw some new sculptures installed in a large outdoor shopping and outlet area called Legends. It was nice to see sculptures there. There were some very nice silver fish sculptures.., some of them were jumping over a long arrangement of steppes of rocks, as if swimming "upstream." Then at the top/end we came upon a giant fish sculpture, shown above, in fact this is a huge silvery fish made up of small fish. See the closer up below on right to see the thousands of smaller silver metal fish in this sculpture. Really imaginative, a nice installation.

Then we saw another set of sculptures, bright red orange ram and big horn sheep. They looked redder than they photographed (which is really a full on orange hue) I am in the background, beyond them, to the right and waving hello !

Tomorrow I continue eastwards. As it always is traveling in eastward direction, jetlag is hitting hard. I have an early up tomorrow, a wake up call at 4AM. So bye for now !

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