Thursday, November 19, 2009

Pink Socks

Hi There and sorry for the slowness of posting. This trip has been a very interesting one, not least because I am traveling eastwards (always more difficult than the alternative) and also because it has been a very jampacked agenda in each location. Jetlag has had me waking up every few hours. I have have been pulling longer hours than usual. That is saying something, because I work long hours on trips as a matter of course. Audits have kept me busy and Iconfess to a few wrong time wake ups that have had me in a cold sweat or panic think I missed a flight or an appointment or something else important. This is unusual for me, so... Very Big Yikes !

Here is a small vignette I wrote in one of my small notebooks I carry around, while almost falling asleep into the soup I had for dinner in an old carriage house pub at the hotel I stayed at, one night earlier this week (I was so tired and this was true !). Perhaps this was observed, or did I imagine it in my half sleep state ?

He was wearing a black suit that was very smart.
And his socks were a bright pink. Don't ask me why I noticed
this, but I did. When standing up, one couldn't tell. After his dinner was done, he got up and was standing there gazing
at the antique musket that was hanging on an old ceiling beam in the dark pub. He looked up at to admire it,
holding his hands clasped behind his back, perhaps he also enjoyed the warmth of the fire in the fireplace of the pub. When he sat down, his trousers revealed such bright socks, of a vivid coral pink hue. What a surprise and so completely unexpected, the man wearing the pink socks.

More next post, when I hope to bring you some other tale or half dream from the road of my travels !

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