Sunday, November 22, 2009

Found on the Cathedral in Prague

I spent a nice better part of a week here in Prague. Work had me really hopping, but we were all very happy to have gotten past a big audit, and after the closing meeting on Friday we finished up loose ends and finally relaxed for the first time in several weeks. I have been running in a crazy mode for about 3 weeks, so the whole trip and week leading up to it. Wow !

Thursday night we had a nice night tour of Prague and went up to see the famous Prague Castle. It is very pretty at night and from the grounds is a wonderful overlook of the city at night. Because the castle is on high ground, it allows a nice view of the river, the city scape. All lit up prettily at night.

We also saw a Cathedral on the Castle grounds. St Vitus Cathedral. I was delighted to find gargoyloes leaping out from corners of the main entrance of the cathedral. One (and only one that I could tell !) of the gargoyles was a lion ! Sitting tall, but mounted with seat and paws on side of cathedral and with a big open mouth roar, in good gargoyle style ! No pics of this to post yet, as I left the camera cable home this trip ! But here is a pic of the cathedral, courtesy, found via Google. The gargoyles are shown here in this pic as dark shapes at corners of the arches around the door and what not. Rather hard to discern here, but they are there ! Here in this pic you can see the gorgeous decorative detail of the main entrance of this excellent example of gothic cathedral. To see the detail of the gargoyles, they have to be photographed standing under them. Most are bird like creatures, but I did find the one lion.

I will post the lion gargoyle pic on my return. Tomorrow I head to China. Now at end of the trip. More soon.

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