Sunday, December 6, 2009

In Season

I have been waiting to source Peonies, and thought their local availability season may have been and gone while I was away, because November here is a good time for them. But my local florist called me to say they thought they could source some and so I picked them up Friday. The florist's source has said this is it, there will not really be any more. What a short season !

But sometimes that is how things go. I have to take what I can get, this is what I have learned about flowers and photoshoots with them. I wanted vivid colored ones, rather than pale and so I got a bunch in quite good order, not yet opened, so they should last a few days as they open up. I did not get to view the color first. The color was rather on the purple side of fuschia, more purple than I wanted. So I mixed in a few things to soften it up, some mid pink lisianthus and some snapdragons plus a bit of greenery with green berries. Very pretty.

On photographing the flowers, I was quite pleased to see they photographed less purple and more pink, very nice indeed. Here they are on day 2 (larger photo above). I will be photographing them each day, as they open up.

I also got some white hydrangeas, just stunning ! Photo here shows only a third of them. And as an impulse buy, some lovely sun flowers. These are three distinct bouquets, for three sets of photos.

In order to ward off the Grazing Felines, I had to bring in some garden roses, which have been chewed happily, and now have very ragged edges to the petals >^..^<

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