Saturday, December 26, 2009

Merry Christmas

Hi All, hope you enjoyed a lovely Christmas. Here is a small peek at some preparations here, for what has been a whirlwind of holiday hosting I have been so/too busy to post or do anything else !

Lovely Christmas tree, done with a color scheme for decorations this year. Silver, white, and pale greens. Also has small birds, glass ornaments and tiny vintage watch dials for decorations. The top has three small butterflies on it.

It would not feel like Christmas if I did not get flowers to arrange for the holidays. And I decided to work to make a super-nice arrangement, befitting my practice styling flowers of late ! These are in same decorating colors as the tree. There are lime button mums, hypericom berries, dusty miller, white lisianthus, some native pods that look like silvery pinecones, and banksia candles plus some sunflowers.
The hypericom berries and vine leaves plus sunflowers were for other arrangements. Also the banksia candles and some of the like line cones in their own vase. Every thing else went here (see left).

Then I wrapped gifts, this took me all one day it seems. Just lots to do and I did not pace myself, did it all at once. I had a helper for this task, here is silly Pookie, helping me with some ribbon (he loves ribbon).

Merry Christmas to everyone out there, enjoy a lovely holiday :)

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