Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Sunflower Surprise

The first sunflowers painting is done, might glaze it tomorrow. I will do one or more, different perspectives and making a small series. This one got a green garden-like background, it is what kept coming to me, no matter what else I tried, I kept coming back to this. A garden jungle of friends for he sunflowers. I really had fun with the foliage and enjoyed working on it. But the sunflowers I painted began to turn color swiftly yesterday, especially their leaves. Their flowers were not very open before, but have begun to change and open quite rapidly, almost before my eyes ! I have trimmed their stalks and given them fresh water, and they are looking good and ready to pose for the next painting.

And after I finished the painting, I discovered a small surprise in the painting. See if you can find and figure out what it is..... Or read the next post for the answer !

Winston here helps me wish all a Very Happy New Year 2010 ! (but he refuses to wear a party bow or hat for a festive photo shoot). I'll be back with more posts next year ;)

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