Friday, December 11, 2009

Simply Stunning Roses

I thought my flower photo shoots were done. Then a call came through letting me know there were David Austin roses in fine condition were available. In a lovely mid yellow color, with some really pretty character. I made arrangements to pick them up the next day.

The flowers were a really gorgeous bunch, in a rich golden yellow that was very classy looking. Being a hot day, some of the blooms were very open. Leanne of Annette's Florists in Mt Colah sprayed them well with water and wrapped them in brown paper for me to take home. I decided to go straight home and photograph them, because they were looking just perfect.

It did not take me very long to "style" them in a stoneware jug. I then found excellent late afternoon light by a window, with filtered light (sheer curtains at that window). I got the most amazing photos !

The first one here shows the flowers, with the drops of water still on the petals !

The roses had a nice aroma and bouquet. This was noticed by the pussycats, who followed around and watched the flower styling and photoshoot. They interfered a few times too ! Though Pook looks quite sweet and innocent in this picture here.

I have just finished a commission this week and was painting it last weekend in yellows and blues. And the new flower photos of these yellow roses are tempting me to continue that yellow theme and give these a go !

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