Monday, December 28, 2009

Green Leaves

I did a bit more on the sunflowers today. Mostly work on the leaves. Adding more hues and shades of greens. Brilliant Green, Bright Green, Pthalo Green Hue (mixed with other things), Sap Green, Australian Yellow Green, Hookers Green...and greens made up of these. You can say I had a very green day.

For a bit of excitement, I (accidentally) got paint on Pookie's fur, and his hind flank was smeared in Bright Green ! Must have happened when I moved him from a place he should not have been to a more suitable napping station. I guess wet paint on my apron got on him. He was actually quite understanding while I cleaned the (dried acrylic) paint off his fur with methylated spirits, and then while I washed the white spirits off (so he would not get ill from them). Even though it matched his eyes, he looks better without green painted fur !

Still not sure whether I will finish the sunflowers in oils or not. Now thinking maybe not, because I have some other new things to start and may want to move faster on this for the next sessions....

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