Saturday, January 2, 2010

Introspective Sunflower

Happy New Year, it is now 2010 everywhere !! Hope it is a good one for everyone, in some small or even big way. Not sure if you keep more make up resolutions...I don't call mine resolutions per se, but I do make up a short list of things I want to do or remember to integrate into my life and outlook for the coming year. I have made up 2010's list, but it is not refined or prioritized as yet.

I continued working on the sunflowers, starting painting number 2. And unopened flower. We about to open, because yellow petals are visible, but instead of being open and petals stretching outward, they are still pointed inward. An introspective sunflower perhaps ? It is contemplating before opening up in its next flower stage.

It is a close up composition and I have done a fair bit on it.

Later today or early tomorrow I will finish it. I am about to start on the third in the series, before I lose the still life models I have, five sunflowers that still look ok, but soon will be done with their time in the vase.

Did you find the surprise in the previous sunflowers painting ? (see painting photo in previous post to this one) If you did not, it is s small green heart, hidden in the middle of the foliage. Not intended or planned, but I find it a charming surprise to see when I was surveying the finished painting at a distance. Obviously meant to be there, so it shall stay :)

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