Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Done and New Directions

The second sunflower painting is now done, happy with that. It and the first one will go into the third bedroom, which has gotten new curtains I made up this week, from Indian silk I had here that features yellow green in it. The same room has a vintage chandelier with daisies in yellow and white with green leaves on it. Perfect perfect !

Then I began to work on a collage with sketches of horses. Not sure what direction this will take, but it is fun to explore. I am reading a new book "Art Revolution" by Lisa Cyr. It has fantastic ideas for mixed media and interesting techniques. After reading this, I scanned a sketch of the horse I had done and have since printed it on old vintage pages, old paper and on regular paper. One of the ones on old paper then got pony and horse related words typed on it with my sky blue vintage typewriter.

Stay tuned to see what becomes of this.

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