Monday, January 11, 2010

Brilliant Greens

While I am getting back to work, I continue to work on some paintings and themes. Today's thoughts are of brilliant and uplifting greens. I keep coming back to greens. Lime, emerald, verdigris, dark green blue, and more.

First, a verdigris and rust touched green angel perched on a planter at the front door here, planted with succulent plants that echo the angel's colors and have interesting textures.

Then an an elegant still life pose from Pookie, with a vintage green glass juicer and a bowl of limes. He enjoys doing photo shoots and will pose and be posed with items very cooperatively. He seems to be offering to make margaritas here and the green items in the composition pick up the color of his eyes !

And a green inspiration from one of my recent sunflowers paintings. I am experimenting taking portions of some of my paintings and creating from them new compositions, with different proportions and some of this is an exciting direction. I am starting with this one. And I have a three more, taken from different paintings (not all green !) to do a series of three panels. This is fun and some of the work to find and create the new compositions has been more promising than I thought. More on that in a next post.

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