Saturday, January 16, 2010

Creating New Compositions

I am working on a series of three new compositions taken from my paintings. I photograph the paintings and have chosen a slice of each of three I like and will plan to size and scale them to each go on a canvas of the same size, tall and narrow. I think then I can display them together. Quite by happy accident then they have some color tie ins and can work together !

Formatting these panels wasn't easy--my skills manipulating formats on blogger as still a bit basic

Meantime, I will not be painting them quite yet. I have to head out today on business travel: China, UK, USA, Brazil and Chile. With two very opposite seasons the dilemma this week has been what to pack !

More soon, I hope to remember the camera cable and contact lenses this trip. So I can load pics for posts and also so I can see what I am doing !

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