Monday, January 25, 2010

Travel & Jetlag

I am on the go, have moved in one week from Sydney to Beijing to UK. And also to USA, finding myself at the moment in Charlotte, North Carolina. Not warm here either, cold and about like it has been everywhere I've been north of Sydney ! I will take it a bit easy today, can't find sun to reset the body clock, but need to do something as antidote to being rather "washed up."

As usual, posting from China is not so easy and my schedule there was very rushed anyhow to fit lots into a short time. Same with UK--very hectic work sked there and pretty jetlagged too. So, I hope to download some pics and post something more interesting tonight ! But first, having done some work, I will find more coffee, breakfast, and a bookstore. Maybe buy a new pair of shoes ?(hey why not ?! great thing to do, I can squeeze one more into the suitcase, and US is definitely the place to do it !!). Then a drive south this afternoon to get me to the area for my next few days meetings. I have to do more work tonight on line, and be up at 5AM tomorrow.

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