Saturday, February 13, 2010

Happy Year of Tiger

Hi There...just got back after lots of travel and heaps of work. Did not have much time to keep up with anything else really. But in order to catch up I will do a few travel themed posts. First, China.

I was in Beijing, in what definitely felt like the dead of winter. Their coldest in some 45-50 years. It was cold, but after dark is when it felt bitterly cold ! I was lucky to escape heavy snows they have had there this season, though it did snow a bit the day I left. But did get out for a bit on Sunday with a friend and saw a bit of Beijing. Here is a scene from a lake called Hou Hai. It is now frozen solid and there were hundreds of people skating and in chair sleds sledding on the ice. And here you see some junks that are at a marina, well, they are frozen in place at the moment. I loved the colored flags there, makes a nice composition.

Another interesting and colorful composition was this pair of Beijing Police bicycles in an old part of the city.

And I did a bit of shopping for some chinese new year cards and decorations, which was fun to do. This restaurant has lovely cut paper decorations on the windows in very cheerful and lucky bright red.

Gong Xi Fa Cai
Happy Lunar New Year. Hoping Year of Tiger is a very good one for you !

Next post will go to another destination.

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