Saturday, February 27, 2010

Two Degrees of Separation

It is Saturday here...and was a lovely sunny and warm late summer day. I did various weekend chores and errands. And then painted !

I worked on the first of the first set of three 2-degrees-of-separation paintings I will do. I showed those compositions, which were shown in January 16th's post called Creating New Compositions:

These paintings compositions taken from a piece of one of the paintings I have created...which themselves were paintings of a still life. So these new ones are two degrees separated from the original subject, or that is how i think it works !

The first one I did of this set was the sunflowers inspired one. Here is the painting it is taken from.

I have a bit of fine tuning to do on this new composition tomorrow. Then I need to start on another of the series, or if I am very productive, perhaps I can get both of the remainder of this first set underway !

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