Sunday, February 21, 2010

Summer Afternoons

I have had a long week, working and also recovering from a cold I got when in South America. Took more out of me than I had thought...and blog posts slowed to a halt because of it ! But happy to be back on deck, finally feeling better !

To wrap up South America summer time, check out the ultimate summer refreshing drink. Cold Agua de Coco, aka Coconut Water (for those of you unfamiliar, this is not the same as coconut milk !). This is the real thing, not bottled, no additives or extra ingredients...100% natural. Green coconuts are chilled in a big cooler and when you buy one the guy whacks off the top with a couple swift blows from a sharp knife. You get a straw to put in the hole and then sip the lovely coconut water.

I recall drinking this when I lived in Brazil and it was a lovely thing to enjoy again. A great choice in the hot summery tropics. Cool and refreshing. Not overly sweet (it actually has a bit of a salty flavor), with a texture just slightly thicker than regular water.

More and painting posts coming soon. I am reading some books on principles of color and painting light and shadows. But for now, I head out to enjoy the rest of the Sunday summer's afternoon. Leaving you with a photo of my favorite timber birdcage, and a message to an imaginary bird who has flown off on a little journey, searching for something special (nice trees ? companion bird ? fab nesting materials ?....???). A message also to share with everyone still enjoying late summer vacation, or maybe dreaming of a warmer season to come.

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