Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Sunday in Santiago

It was Sunday in Santiago. I was walking off a bad case of jetlag after another delayed flight the previous day turned into night, late night...and got me to my hotel so late I did not get my hoped for "catch up" rest. But how could I sleep away the day ? I missed breakfast due to the late arrival, so I got a strong cafe instead and planned a little outing to go out and get a bit of sunshine and fresh air. At the end of summer on a brilliantly sunny and hot day, the city was not really very busy. People were away on one of the last weekends of summer.

I took the Metro subway train to the centre of the city and into an area I hadn't been before...and had a nice long walk, along some rather quiet side streets. It was definitely feeling like a sleepy Sunday.

After a quiet solitary walk, I began to see people carrying bags of produce. And by and by, I came across a street market, which ran along a street perpendicular to where I had been walking. The market covered about 8 or more blocks of the street. It was a lively surprise on a quiet day.

Many of the market dealers had shaded awnings of black and white cabana stripes over their stalls and also used chalk board style signs for their produce or wares prices. One announced lemons for sale as "juicies". The prices looked not too bad. I love looking at the produce, it was stunning and vibrant. The greens, oranges, and reds are just outstanding. I snapped photos as I walked along the market, up one side then down along the other.

At one very crowded area of this market, I saw this character, a street musician who was singing into a microphone connected to an amp, with his sign thanking his street audience for appreciating his work ! I told him I did, put some coins into his cup...and asked if I could take his snap (he said yes !).

At the end of the market, I found the street sign--Esperanza. That's Hope Street, for you who are not spanish speakers

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