Sunday, February 14, 2010

Back To Summer

After spending two weeks in the chilled Northern Hemisphere seeing sunshine not many of those days (maybe only one !), I was relieved to return to summer. After having to spend an extra day in Washington DC, when airport cancelled flights due to snow, I got to travel and made it to Brasil.

It was my first trip back there in over 30 years, so very exciting for me to see it while meeting new colleagues and friends in my company's offices there. First I was in Sao Paulo and worked a lot while there. Then off to Rio de Janeiro for a few days work.
It was sunny and very hot, 41 C the Friday I ended my workweek. I had spent the week getting the pathways of my mind back working smoothly with speaking portuguese, which I was pleased to use all week long, and even for a fair few of my business meetings.

Here are just a few snaps of some sights, top photo shows a view across street from my hotel, which faced Copacabana Beach. Then on right, a scene from Ipanema Beach, with lots of people enjoying sunshine and the ocean and some shade under bright beach umbrellas. And left, a shot of the famous patterned mosaic sidewalks.

Next post I will wrap up my stop in Brasil with a few scenes from my last day there, a rare outing on last Saturday for this trip, that had me working or in transit nearly every weekend the past month.

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