Thursday, September 3, 2009


Having finished the bright pink floral composition, I have gone back to finish Lion #2. And also to have a play with some verdigris base and oxidising patina I bought and am experimenting with. I am using the base and patina solution on some vintage items, like old skeleton keys. I also tried it out on a decorative piece of wannabe architectural salvage (by this I mean to say it is not a bonafide architectural fragment, but is a plastered reproduction I had picked up some where). It was cream colored before and looked ok, but turned out really well in the verdigris finish ! I have it displayed in front of a rich deep tomato red wall, as shown right. Love it, love it ! I will be doing up more skeleton keys and am also on the hunt for other objects to do up in the verdigris base and green patina. Nothing is safe from this search, anything could get picked and painted ! Who knows what might get painted in verdigris finish ?! (OK, cats are exempt)

And I have started in on the next stages of Lion #2. Because, I have waiting in the wings a fantastic third lion composition to start. But I am not allowing myself to begin on it before I have the Louvre Gate Lion well on his way to completion. I spent some good quality time with the Louvre Lion, getting him on his way. Nice teal tones in shadows on his back are looking good...and I corrected the proportions of his tail. I even did up a bit of work on the window frame behind him and also on the platform he perches upon.

However, I did allow myself to do a bit of sizing up of the third lion and I picked out a suitably sized canvas for his painting. Stay Tuned !

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