Saturday, September 5, 2009

Touch The Sky

It's Saturday, and a brilliant sunny day. I got some good painting in today. I finished Touch The Sky, the composition with the butterfly on the collaged vintage seed catalog pages. I darkened the bottom, so make the butterfly "emerge" from darkness as it soars towards and up into the sky. I also added blue and really liked that, making the sky look blue, as skies on sunny days do. I really like the blue with the brilliant orange butterfly. The dark parts and also the blue are put on roughly and with some spilling and scumbling and I liked the textures. Looking closely at the surface, the vintage pages of the collage on the canvas show through and you can see words, pictures, and so on from the old seed catalog pages.

This will get glazed tomorrow. I will also finish a small painting I am doing of a rose on a canvas collaged with vintage sheet music. The sketch has been on the collaged surface for months and I need to do it and declare victory on that one ;)

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