Thursday, September 10, 2009


Shown above: Local scene here in the yard. Laughing kookaburras in the neighbours' tree against a blue sky. Sorry if they are a bit hard to see, but there are four of them in there, I counted !

(for those who don't know kookaburras, they are a member of the kingfisher family of birds and the term/name Laughing refers to their loud cackling call, when there is more than one doing this they sound like they have all heard a very funny joke).

And in similar color as the sky shown here, a new acquisition, 1960s era vintage Tonka farm style truck. Has seen a bit of action (we call that character !), is not mint, does not come with the box. If you want those things, you will pay 500-700 for one of this era. For me, this one was the one, because of the great color !

It arrived, packed well and carefully in a box, inside a cool vintage suitcase I got from the same seller. It's in perfect condition and is displayed in the lounge (living) room. Ian saw it and discovered it was made in NZ ! I think it was meant to come here and be with us....

It will make a fine subject for a still life or whimsical painting, don't you think ?

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