Tuesday, September 1, 2009


As hinted at the other day, I did begin to photograph bees. I like bees and find them fascinating. They are so busy and industrious. I have been collecting pictures of bees for some time now, building some good reference material for some sort of bee related composition. I needed some close up photos of bees too, hence why I set out with the Canon DSLR to go find the bees. I was photographing them where they are happiest in this garden, on and around the lavender. On photographing bees: it requires some patience ! The bees don't stay still very often. It was a hard call to decide to watch a lavender flower and wait for a bee to arrive on it, or to follow bees as they moved from flower to flower. The bees photograph best on the sunny side of the flowers too (too hard to see them on the shady side).

I continue working split and odd hours shifts again this week. In between early and late shifts today I got the floral painting pretty much done, spending a lot of time on fine tuning the petal colors and highlights in places and also the background. Yeay ! All that remains to be done is tidy up the sides and then to glaze it.

Meantime, I have it up in the Dining Room, so I can gaze at it from across the room (from the kitchen). It looks very good from across the two rooms, having a good visual presence.

Oh yeah, need to decide a title for it too.

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