Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Bittersweet Chocolate

Getting ready to take a few days off and go to South Australia...will be painting and more on what I paint up on my return. I am going to the wine country, and am not taking a computer...but lots of art supplies and a good book are packed.

Meantime, lest you think I have done nothing...I have been tidying up before leaving. A personal obsession, to leave things orderly and return to the same. I have even tidied up the sunroom studio (where I paint here) and the upstairs studio flat (where I design and now do some of my CSC remote work now) too !

And, this week Ian has installed new lighting in the dining room. So elegant and looks fab ! I will be painting the chocolate brown on those feature walls a bit darker, more bittersweet chocolate than milk chocolate. Color ref is Porters 'Turkish Coffee'. I already have the paint ! (trust me, this will look even better !)

More on Sunday, happy birthday ;)

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