Thursday, July 23, 2009

Wheels in China

My travels are now winding down, I will be doing more artsy posts soon. But one short one here, about wheels seen in China. I asked colleagues in China what was a popular vehicle for people to buy for private use (as in not taxi fleet, other business, or fleet vehicles), as this is becoming more prevalent and popular in big cities in China. One was the Chery QQ. And here it is, cute and small indeed. A Chinese made vehicle, and this one is bright red, with great stickers on it too !

And this is a more practical sight, a bicycle repair station at the corner of a busy road in Beijing. This included a cart with repair supplies, a leaning stack of tires and innertubes, and an umbrella for shade (weather was hot, 38 C). Business was a bit slow, but perhaps it will pick up later ?
More soon, some art posts this weekend, from US West Coast. Bye for now !

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