Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Egg of Happiness

Hello Again :) I spent mid-week in Sofia, Bulgaria, with a tall agenda of work for my stop there. So not much time or opportunity to look around, but the weather was much better than last time I was there in March, when it snowed on the day I left ! A colleague from the local office took me out to see a few of the pretty buildings on streets at the city centre in Sofia.

And I saw a few things that were expected, lovely old buildings, Eastern Orthodox cathedral, and churches. It was a nice walk and I enjoyed the weather, after being cooped up indoors over meetings and work all day (even if they were very productive).

But one thing I did not expect and found utterly charming--a huge painted egg ! It was in a stand that had a small placard announcing it as the Egg of Happiness. And it did indeed look happy, plus had the ability to cheer a person up instantly. Tell me you would not find this egg a cheerful thing to see, there in the middle of a city, as you walk by along the sidewalk. The placard on the egg's stand said to touch the egg and make a wish to come true. (so I did, as one should take all good karma and luck opportunities one can find in this journey of life). The egg is painted by an artist named Pavel Mitkov, and it stands in front of his Sofia city gallery. Apparently this is the egg of St Paul. The gallery wasn't open when I was by, or I surely would have gone in. His website is found at and you can see his vibrant and colorful paintings there. I liked his work I saw online though (and check out the link on this website to web pages for his Berlin gallery to see more of it, including some nice abstract pieces). I loved the Egg. What a surprise and delightful find amidst so-many-meetings all week.

With that I moved on and traveled to the UK, where I am now. More next post !

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