Wednesday, July 1, 2009

China Trip

Hello on this Wednesday First July, writing this post from the Finnair lounge in Helsinki airport, where I am in transit. Have done one meeting, have another to do soon, both on the telephone. A modern road warrior I am ! I will do one more post now about my visit to China...and then on the weekend I move to new destinations. I haven't uploaded the latest pics from my camera to the laptop yet and can't do it now, as the camera battery wants charging first ! So a few more photos from China.

First, to add to the previous post about my visit to the Forbidden City, on the right is a photo of characteristic and very cute glazed yellow miniature guardian statues of sorts. These guys are found on roof tops, at the corners. Important people apparently had a long line of them guarding the corners of the roof. On each corner too. Their glaze seems to match the bright yellow glazed tiles of the roof tops and the round shapes you see below them are front facing edges of some roof tiles. also glazed yellow, which is quite pretty. These animals' backdrop is a red building. I zoomed the camera lens to get a closer up shot and more detail. I like them, so cute and great detail in them.

And check out the gorgeous detail of the painted eaves of roof tops, left. I thought these were really very beautiful. Bright green and blue against reds. This one looks like on that is older, so colors are a bit faded, some others are freshly revived and renovated with bright and fresh paint. I actually like these faded ones just as well, they have a genuine character I appreciate. The detailed of the door ways and shapes of the painted timber panels is lovely and these are featured on all the Forbidden City temple and pagoda or palace buildings, there are also simpler versions on the garden buildings.

And the following image is a charming one, taken at a lovely little restaurant with a garden patio near a popular park. I liked this for the red bird cage under the tree by the table. It was empty, and I think I prefer it that way, over the alternative ! (though I do find bird cages very pretty things, I like that birds can fly free !). But still, it is very pretty hanging under this lush tree showing good summer foliage.

Despite my choices of charming imagery shown here, I found Beijing to be a very modern looking and behaving city. An amazingly large place too, with a big population, I am told it may be 15 million or more. That is truly astounding to consider and think about. Modern progress has definitely arrived and the service and business is pretty efficient. With much to be proud of for making such a modern city, I also find the old images to be very quaint and charming. While I appreciate the modernity, I really found the rich and traditional colors and designs most inspirational. I hope those remain and thrive.

More soon, next post will be Eastern Europe, a few photos from my visit to Vilnius in Lithuania. Meanwhile my business travel continues, and I am soon to board a flight to Spain, where I will visit an office in the northern part of the country. Hope you will check back and look at my posts about the travel. Bye now :)

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