Sunday, July 12, 2009

Last Sunday: Asturias Spain

Hi There ! I have a few more photos to share from last weekend in Asturias, Spain. Last Sunday I was going out for lunch and as I walked out of the hotel in the centre of the town of Aviles, I entered the really big town square, which is like an open plaza area. Not many cars allowed and around, mostly it is filled with people. And Sunday it was filled with people socializing with their gorgeous dogs ! The people were socializing with each other and their dogs socialized with the other dogs. I have never seen so many beautifully groomed and presented dogs in one place, outside a dog show that is ! They were all clean, brushed, politely managed and friendly, on leads with pretty collars. I thought it was a really nice picture of the dogs behaving so well and out with their owners, dogs as well presented as people were that lovely Sunday midday.

Another thing I saw in the town of Aviles was this huge statue that was engraved with the name 'La Monstrua.' I did not write down the rest of the inscription, but perhaps I should have. What I understood is this is a statue in tribute to a lady who may have cut a fearsome figure ! I have posted the profile pic, which shows the scale of this statue. She is a bit scary !

Aviles also has an awesome rainbow bridge, very pretty to see as you drive by.

Speaking of statues, shown below is my favorite seen in Asturias. I was told that years ago these were advertising mascots...but that over time they became popular and there are several in various areas of Spain. This one is overlooking the hill near Aviles. Check out the near by power towers to get a good idea of this guy's scale and size ! I really liked this, it has a certain presence that is very agreeable. As well as amusing too.

Loved the visit in Asturias, what a great place. There is lots more I could say, but for now, hope you enjoy the pics :) See you next post...

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