Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Short bit of painting....

Hello :) Very cold here today and drizzly part of it too. I have a big work "split" today, work done this morning and more this evening until quite late (1AM "tomorrow")...and then a back-to-back with tomorrow's 630AM first meeting. I did get out an walk, which is a good idea before traveling this weekend. I am looking forward to my first visit to China too, then Lithuania and then Spain...all firsts as I have not been to any of those places before. Oh yeah, later in July I go to Canada for a first visit there too ;)

I thought I would do a teensy bit of painting on the latest lion before leaving. I had some lovely green verdigris lion paints on my palette and did a little work on his detail. Just an hour, but every bit moves him forward a little more. I really love these colors, now I am looking at the photo of them that I took. And they look quite good for the reference photo I am using too.
And I got a bit of work to start to define his muscle tone and more of the detail in his mane. I added his jowl (the one that shows, on side he shows off). Plus lighter colors to start to show where the sun is shining on him and showing him in the light. I did a bit with shadows, but there is much more that can be done, of course.

He is a fab looking lion, has a very different personality than the first lion. I think this one has a quieter personality and he has quiet an elegant look to him. Both lions are very handsome, of course. But this guy has a quiet dignity of his own and it is really coming through as I paint him. Here is he is, at nightfall, when the light disappeared and I had to stop. At most I will possibly get another hour to work on him before leaving. So much to do tomorrow !

Have a great Wednesday or whatever day you see this out there. I will see you next with posts from my journey. Inspiring sights, travel pics, and maybe a few watercolors or sketches along the way. I will be taking sketch book, pencils, and my watercolor box. See you next from on the road ;)

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