Sunday, June 7, 2009

Introducing Mr Lion

Hi All :)  I did indeed finish the lion today.  It took more painting sessions than I thought and even today it took longer than I thought it might.  But who's counting ?!  
I spent most of my time today working on the background.  The stone bricks needed to be suitably stained and marked up.  I worked to add some of the pattern to the shadowed areas, under the arches.  I also painted in to the lines and borders, in mid tones and also some shadows...and in a few places some highlights.

Here is a closeup of the lion's body, to the right.  It shows some of the marks and patterns I had to paint to make up the textured part of his mid back and flank.  Also, at the bottom, (ribcage area I suppose ?), there are marks where his verdigris finish ends and he is just bronzed.  You can also see the work on the front of his mane and shoulder too.

And below left is a close up of his face and the background behind his head.  He has a rather majestic expression.  After finishing painting, I put up one of the easels in the lounge/living room and put him up in there...Wow, did he ever fill the room !  A very nice presence.  He looks rather good in there I think.  I was going to have him there this evening, but decided to get stuck right into tidying up the sides of the painting (black-brown).  I have done that, signed it, and just am waiting or the sides to be dry.  Then I can glaze the lion with a nice oil glaze, which will enhance the finish and give it a nice finished look.

So what should I name him ?  And what should I call the painting ??  Questions, questions....

See you next post.  Either starting on second lion, doing the next series of encaustics, or picking up one of the other projects I have on the go in the studio....Stay tuned, hope you will check back in and see what I pick up next !

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