Saturday, June 13, 2009

Next Lion, just started...

Dear All, hello on a lovely weekend.  Last one before my big biz travel trip.  Last big block of time to paint before I depart.  I like to leave something "in the works" when I travel.  I can contemplate and look forward to working on it on my return.  It is great to return home and see the work sitting on the easel waiting for me in the studio too !

So, as earlier suggested, I have started work on the next lion statue.  He is the one I have in profile, guarding a gateway at the amazing Louvre (one of its buildings).  Not much to show off today...and I may not show all the steps in development as before.  Plus, given travel away time, there will be a big gap between under-paintings and further development, certainly as measured in elapsed time !

But here is the work I did today.  Just working to capture a good sketch to get me started.  This is done in willow charcoal, my fave sketching medium.  Any of you big critics out there--don't worry much, friends...I will fix flaws you see in this in the course of painting.  Point of the sketch is to 1) get started and 2) have a few navigation points on the canvas to keep me moving in the right direction !

His front paws look a bit heavy and misshapen, where I have adjusted things in the charcoal sketch.  I will fix this in the underpainting and work thereafter.  I will adjust also some of the dimensions in brickwork in background behind the lion, not happy with those as yet.  But after several changes and working in charcoal, it gets a bit messy.  And with travel next Saturday, I was busy with many (other) things to do today.   So easier to fix this when working in paint ! 

More tomorrow, I will post the first underpainting.  Just so you can see how that looks.  I omitted that in the Lion #1 series of posts (I only posted about every other painting session as progress), so you may not see how raw it looks and some of you may find this interesting.  So when you see it, then go to the Introducing Mr Lion post to see how it looks when all done, and you can compare the difference (big diff--these paintings really do evolve !)

Have a great Saturday, all around the world :)

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