Sunday, June 14, 2009

Lion #2-First Underpainting

Hello Blog Readers ! It is way cold this afternoon, but I toughed it out with a very thick scarf and my cordoroy jacket (now a studio jacket, has paint dabs from various paintings on it). And got into the chilly studio to work on the first underpainting for the second lion. After doing his sketch on the canvas yesterday, I was wanting to get him started in paint !

I decided to do the background first, then work on the lion. The background really just got blocked in with a big paint brush. Looked fine, so I added some green paints on the palette to start the platform the lion sits upon. Then when that was done, I adjusted the paint colors a bit and got started on the big guy himself. Very messy paint mixes, but it is about getting the essence of the painting underway and getting some character of the subject to emerge. And have some good navigation points for the next painting session.

I had worked on chores, so my painting began a bit late and as usual the past weeks I ran out of daylight before I was ready to call it a day...oh well, more can be done next time !

As initial underpaintings go, this one is a good effort and I was happy to wash up my paint palette, brushes and hands. Tools and implements are all set out at the ready in the studio. I might not get much time this week for painting, but Wednesday I have to work a lot of night hours, so perhaps I can do a bit more during the day. It would be nice to have this moving a bit more along its path before being away for travel. I think this lion has a good character and with that, I call it a night.

Enjoy Sunday. More next post.

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