Friday, December 2, 2011

New Line

In a whirlwind of fast spinning time since getting back from the latest work trip, I have:  visited family interstate to see a new granddaughter, worked (a lot), begun getting assembled and ready for holiday tasks, attended a peony arranging workshop, tidied up the roses and other parts of the garden, helped a friend do a photo shoot, and also designed and assembled three new upcycled vintage and decorator fabric bags.  And also keeping up with workouts and healthy eating (I am on a diet and get-fit regime, going great so far).   So after returning, I literally hit the ground running !

The new line of bags is exciting.  Something I have been planning to do for ages.  I did the first run of three of them, each featuring some amazing vintage textiles from the collection I have been building for years.  Each bag is a bookbag style bag, and conveniently can be folded flat.   Very handy for travel, I always pop a bag like this in my suitcase for a trip, so I have something to take out and about on the weekends, or tote magazines and books in the hotel, on the plane, etc.  The bags have canvas straps that go over the shoulder.  Each is fully lined in a charming complementary fabric and has a divided inner pocket for mobile phone, keys, etc.  The front pocket is across lower front of the bag, and also is lined fully.  Divided in half, and handy for stowing a small notepad or other small items.

The design I have highlighted above is called Country Strawberry.  It features a fabulous (mint condition !) strawberry print motif fabric from a vintage American feedsack, probably from 1940s or 50s.  And also some fadey soft blue text printed on an old flour sack.  Combined with red and white check decorator fabric.  Lining is red and white ticking striped, with inner pocket also of the old flour sack and cute red baby gingham trim along the edge.  And the front pocket has gorgeous striped canvas taping and lovely candy pink vintage button trim.  It is a happy and cheerful looking bag.

I have ordered new fabric labels for the next run of bags.  Exciting !

Here is a shot of all three bags, which are now on exhibition (and available for sale) as part of the Retro Mommas show at Jacqueline Coates' Salon Rouge Gallery in Kapunda.  For more info on Salon Rouge, check out, or check out latest news on Jacqueline's new blog

And a sneak preview of the latest goings on, which will be subject of a post this weekend.  Work on the long awaited pergola has just started.  Here is a before shot, just a big patch of yard, between here and there, and not too interesting to look at.  Stay Tuned !

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