Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas 2011

Here is what I have been working on this week--holiday baking !  Baking and also arranging Christmas flowers are two of my favourite activities for preparing for the holidays, they never feel like chores.  Yesterday I picked up my order of holiday flowers, hydrangeas (purple and mauve), pink lisianthus, and lime green button mums.  Plus hypericon berry branches, and holly branches with creamy white berries.  And I have been baking all week.  Adorable tree and poinsettia shaped holiday spritz cookies.  Flavoured with peppermint or almond flavouring, to add a light touch to the lovely buttery texture.  Decorated with coloured sugar crystals I tinted to the hue I wanted.  Not shown are the peanut butter pretzel & toffee crunch cookies, a new recipe I tried.  (I am on a strict regime now, so Ian was my tester and gave them a good rating !).

The kitchen and fridge are well stocked, and I went to the Barossa Farmer's Market this morning, bright and early.  Got there at 735AM, only 5 minutes after open time and it was already packed.  Queues to wait for picking produce at several of the stalls.  I got a magnificent half side of a salmon I had pre-ordered for pick up today--it's for tomorrow's main meal, to be cooked with nicoise salad style accompaniments.  Bought fresh farm eggs, local jersey milk, and freshly local roasted single origin fairtrade coffee from Barossa Roasters.  Plus red and gold plum tomatos, and black tuscan kale for a stunning salad.  Oh yes, can't forget Raj's hummus, whose hummus is amazing (and a big favourite of our visiting family here at the moment).

Today I made a plum vinocotto clafoutis.  Made with fresh plums picked off neighbour Fab's tree, after he welcomed us to collect some plums off it.  This fruit torte is going to a Christmas Eve barbeque tonight.

Ian and I wish you a wonderful holiday.  Cheers !

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