Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Turning the Corner

Just 2 weeks ago Ian and I were thinking things  seemed very un-fun and rather exhausting at that.  But we thought we could carry on for just 4 more weeks to move in. Just 4 weeks of this renovation slog to get through (to move in stage).

Last week on Thursday evening, I snuck in on the way back to the Campsite (rental house) after appointments and errands out.   Ian and all the tradies had already left, but I wanted to see the tiling work.  And it really hit me, seeing it done.  It looked so gorgeous.  And my mind ran through what we started with and could see how far we have come.  That moment is when I felt we turned the corner on this project.

What a difference that makes.  Since then, it has felt better to finally have the wind blowing at our backs for a change.  I think we are both more energised...still working hard, but we can see some real results, not just work that generates another pile of sawdust or construction rubble to clean up.  Things are actually getting finished !  (and they look pretty good too).

So we now have a bathroom that is close to finished.  I finished painting the room today.  Freestanding tub is in, vanity, tapware, and toilet too.  Everything works.  Just fixtures like hooks and shelves to put up, also mirror and lighting.  And shower screen is on order, will arrive in 2 weeks.

The kitchen joinery is now installed.  And looking GORGEOUS !  We now await stone benches (counters), and also have to install the lighting and power points.  And do backsplash tiling behind sink (after benchtops are installed).  Today Ian put in the dishwasher and did most of the prep work for the sink plumbing, to be completed also upon benchtop installation.  Soon he may set up and hook up the cooker too.

The stainless steel belfast sink looks great on its cabinets...  (one of the design splurges for the kitchen..., though fabulously functional too !)

More to do (of course).  This week will see me doing more trims painting, I need to do all those peach doors.  And look, more of that horrible pink we found in Every Single Room.  I guess I am not done wall painting quite yet !

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