Monday, February 21, 2011

Drama Coming Soon

Things keep progressing on the reno front.  I think I buy paint every day, or at least 5 days each week.  I keep running out of the right colour and finish.  Or like last week, one of the colours I tried to match to an old fave just did not cut it.  The first brush stroke of it on the wall that I saw, I absolutely hated it.  Tonally correct, but too "cold"  So despite having a 4 Litre can of it to use for several rooms, I switched to another I had on hand (but then I had to buy more of it, because I didn't have enough).

The paint store has been great, I told them about the bad paint colour.  They said to bring it back in and they would help me make it into some other colour.  I thought that was great.  We looked up some paint colour recipes and picked one we thought would work.  I promised to bring the 4L can in the next morning.

When I got there Saturday morning, I waited for my big can of paint to be transformed.  I was just itching to do something bold and unexpected somewhere.  I have gone very neutral with all the wall colours so far.  Which is OK, the house wants more elegance and a break from pink to be sure.  But I knew a bit of drama was needed too.

I saw some new paint swatches by Dulux, in very vivid tones.  I looked at the dark greys and plum toned blacks.  I also was drawn to some of the jewel tones shown here too...but they are more inspiration for for textiles and art placements and such.  (and they echo some colours in a couple of favorite artworks too).

For the bold stroke I craved I picked a colour called Namadji, (it is the on-top colour swatch in the dark set above).  The wet paint looks like a pot of melted darkest chocolate.  Really delicious looking.  Dry on the wall it "reads" black, in a low sheen finish, so it is not dull or flat   I wanted a warm toned black (not a cold one).  Namadji is perfect.  I have never painted a nearly black wall before.  It looks very dramatic indeed and was fun to paint too, which is what I wanted.

It is painted on one of the office walls.  The office is not a bright light room anyway (its windows are under the verandah), so dark dramatic colours are suitable for this sort of room. I don't think the photos do it all best possible justice, as it was late in the day when I got to photograph things.   But hopefully you get the idea !  The feature wall is  opposite the windows, which is the direction I will be facing when working at my desk.  In front of it will be some tangerine velvet tub chairs and on the wall will be some awesome artwork.  Which piece ?  I have ideas, but art always picks where it wants to be in my home, so the paintings will be casting their votes next week, when we move in !

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