Monday, February 28, 2011


Home Sweet Home: Fresh Flowers, 
with vintage Tea Box Panel backdrop

Yesterday I worked myself silly, or to exhaustion.  No painting (but I did that all day Saturday, see pic of back foyer to see the day's work).  Just cleaning cleaning and more cleaning.  Sweep, vacuum, damp mop, dry mop (to buff away last bits of construction dust residue on floor boards).  Also last bit of sealing the grouts on tiled floors.  Still, a huge milestone to be able to clean something here in a civilised way, the sort of way that looks very nice when done and that is worthy of moving in.  It started looking like a home, a house...and not a demolition or renovation zone.  I was tired, but left with things looking pretty clean and ready for arrival of house hold goods.

Back Foyer--UnPinked !
Lounge Room, after clean up, before set up
Sitting Area, clean
and waiting for move in

Then today the removalists showed up bright and early (right on time).  I sequestered pussy cats for their own safety and before long the furniture uplift and delivery were done.  

Now we have a sea of boxes here everywhere.  And furniture pieces.  Not everything fits where I hoped it would (a few doorways were constraints).  I have worked a Plan B.  For ex, a wardrobe used to hold handbags for past 4 years will be pressed into service in the office, holding equipment and supplies.

Ian's latest invention ?
We also have to improvise a bit.  Built in Closets are going to be put in in April or we have an "open closet" format for now, with a hanging rail Ian made out of pipes and spare timber !

My office,
styling in progress

So after a long day, another milestone.  We are moved in.  This pic is dark, but shows my new office.  Net on and working fine.  Things not yet arranged or organised.  But cats visit and sit relaxing on the tangerine velvet chairs, just like I knew they would.

A long day.  Good one though.  Even if we did forget to bring over the bed pillows (I found one spare in a box)  Oops--more to get tomorrow.

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  1. Its all looking amazing - what a change from the original colours and finishes!! Tania