Monday, November 8, 2010

When in China

I was on business travel to China recently, and when there I can't get easy (or at times any !) access to update my blogs hosted on blogger.  Sorry for the the delays.  Actually I am back home, but before putting up current activity posts, I thought one from China would be a good ice breaker.

The first Saturday in Beijing, I went with two colleagues to an old shopping district area in Beijing, along Qianmen Dajie.  It was an autumnal day, a bit cool and with some drizzle and mist in the air.

On the way there, we walked through an old street with many old commerce buildings.  This green colored metal lacework building was quite striking.

Once onto Qianmen Dajie, I saw this window display of dolls in a fashion shop called Fishing.  These ladies are called "Dolls of Fishing"...

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