Thursday, November 11, 2010

Green Mood

I have been in a "green mood" for some time now, maybe more than a year, going on two.  Enjoying and craving green paints, patterns, and even fabrics.  The green mood can be almost obsessive.  While in China I had a chance again to visit the Forbidden City Imperial Palace.  I have many photos of it from a previous visit, so this time I got some closer ups of pattern and texture.  I have a lot of  fabulous texture and pattern shots for my photo library.  To use for background or other pattern themes in my art.

First (and also lower left) are some patterned tiles from the walls and ceilings of various buildings making up the Imperial Palace complex.  I really love the glazed greens, so vivid and they look lovely with the accents in bright golden yellow or red.  Sometimes also a blue green.

 And I love the stylised clouds on the misty green ceiling shown on right.  I really want to do something with this cloud motif, it is really beautiful.  I also like stylised sea water, in waves and such.  A great pattern.

Last photo is not from ancient buildings in China...but is some fabric for a small quilting project I am doing.  I have one more session and class to finish this little project.  Yes, when do I have time for a short quilting class ?  Well, I made a bit of time, only 2 sessions, once each Wed night, held at Jenny's Sewing in Angaston.  And also a way to meet some people in my new home town !  As you can see I have not bucked the green mood here, picking lovely yellow greens and blue green fabrics.

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